#2 - Thrown into the deep end.

My gramma is a master storyteller.
Many a summer nights were spent sitting on her porch as she told tales about the days of yore, 
competing for my undivided attention with the humming of the neon bug light that hung from her garage.

"Back in the day..." 
was guaranteed to be followed by hyperbole.

"Back in the day, when we all learned how to swim,
the parents would take us down to Badin Lake and just throw us into the water.
Arm babies.
Somehow, we just started swimming on our own."
(Weeks later, with no conscious awareness of her previous story:
"So many people have drowned in Badin Lake over the years,"
--Uhm, I wonder why, gramma.--
"and people say that there are catfish big as houses in those waters that could eat people alive.") 

To me, engagement has felt a lot like learning how to swim back in the day.
You're kind of thrust into the deep end of unchartered waters.
If not careful, it's easy to get submerged beneath the swells of pomp and ceremony.

Immediately, people want to know,
are y'all getting married in the Dean Dome?
are you guys riding in on a horse-drawn chariot? 
can I be in it?
when y'all having kids? (I have YET to figure out how this fits into wedding planning or is appropriate to ask, generally.)
are y'all gonna hire David Tutera?

Preparing for marriage is new and fun and exciting,
not just for us but for our family and friends, as well.
Nevertheless, it's been important for us to stay grounded.

Over the weekend, we had a chat with Kellie's pastor to secure the location for the ceremony. 
Our conversation consisted not of colors and cakes and candles, 
but of our personal convictions about one another,
our shared vision for marriage,
potential issues that we may face,
and resources that we can use to help with the challenges ahead.

 Ultimately, we just want our wedding to be a clear reflection of our relationship---
full of love for one another, our families, and Christ;
 free of pretense;
and overflowing with frolic, g!

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