#3 - Say I Guess to the Dress

Although Trey and I have only been engaged for a month 
I've already decided to get a jump on finding the "dress of my dreams." 
Which is a lot easier said then done.
I can admit I am one of those girls that has been planning and dreaming about her wedding day for years.
But since we got engaged, things haven't quite fallen into place as easily as I had imagined.

Of course in my silly head I thought I would just stroll into the bridal salon 
and the perfect dress would just fall into my lap, 
confetti would fall from the sky, 
and angels would descend and bestow a glorious veil upon my head. 
Needless to say that did not happen. 

My entourage, which consisted of 3 of my friends, my little sister, and my mother (4 people too many)
decided to utilize a 1-5 rating scale for the dresses. 1 being a nawl 5 being a baby maker.
Once we entered the salon I made sure to tell them all the styles to avoid.
No ball gowns. No ruffles. No elaborate flowers. 
We selected a few gowns and entered the dressing room. 
Let me just tell you, trying on wedding dresses is a cardio workout. 
I'm sure in the 2 1/2 hours we were there I burned at least 1,000 calories.

After mounting into several dresses we narrowed it down to two possible contenders.
I honestly didn't feel 100% about either. So I knew this could only mean one thing,
the search continues.
So I didn't get to have that moment,
 where everyone cheers, 
and champagne glasses are passed around.
But I do at least feel marginally closer to finding the right dress.


  1. GIRL, the realest thing you've ever said: trying on wedding dresses is a cardio workout! It is right up there with Zumba! That day was such a marathon and I can definitely relate since we saw each other out midway through. Not sure if you knew, but one of the sale associates got us mixed up at one point-both beautiful brown girls with the same name, I wasn't offended lol.

    I will tell you that we shopped all day and had a lot of fun, but I didn't find "her" either. BUT I did later in the week. I went again minus the 5 part entourage with just me and my mommy. No horns blew and no confetti fell, but it was an unbelievably special moment shared between mother and daughter. When I came out of the dressing room I FELT it, and we looked at each other and we just knew. Then she wrote the check and we went and got cheesecake (which was the best happy ending ever)!!!

    Good luck to you and the dress search, I know "she's" out there if you haven't found her already. And that moment, just like your engagement, will be perfect!



  2. That day was pretty crazy. And when the sales associate came back with the dress saying it was for Kelli, of course I was like...what are you talking about. Especially since I had just told my entourage to have a seat.

    But I went back with just my mom and little sister like a week later and found the dress. And it was just how you described. I just looked in the mirror like OMG, this is it. And my mom got all misty eyed, and I knew. It was a great moment.