#4 - The Proposal Story

Taking the feelings that you have for someone
and puttin' 'em into words ain't as easy as it may sound.
When I consider how much I love Kellie (WARNING: Extremely corny expression to follow),
my mind swarms with elaborate descriptors and phrases,
ALL of which eventually bottleneck in my throat,
and, finally, when something escapes from my mouth, it's along the lines of:
"Well I think she's really purty 'n' whatnot."
or worse,

So, needless to say, preparing to ask Kelz to marry me was ROUGH, g.

A few things I was sure of outta the gate:
1. I wanted it to be private.
The thought of randoms circling around us like a 90s dance battle and taking pictures creeped me OUT.
2. I HAD to do it on our 7th anniversary,
'cause that's the number of completion, right?
3. I wanted her to be completely blindsided.
4. I wanted my little spill--you know, the words a man says when he gets down on one knee--to be genuine and memorable.
5. I also wanted turtle doves to ascend and take flight around us, while the band OneRepublic played an acoustic version of "If I Lost Myself" to set the mood.
But I guess 4 out of 5 ain't bad.

The weeks leading up to The Day were unbearable.
So. Many. White. Lies. Y'all.
From meeting with her parentals unbeknownst to her,
to buying and picking up the ring (luckily I went browsing with her months prior. Her, window-shopping; me, plotting and scheming about The Day ahead),
and setting up a slightly uncharacteristic-of-us picnic that didn't come off as contrived and obvious,
I had absolutely reached the precipice of my truth-bending abilities!

Thankfully, the day finally came and I made it relatively unscathed...


July 19, 2013

All day I kept trying to convince myself that today would be just like any other anniversary.
There is nothing worse than building yourself up for a let down.
So I tried to keep myself distracted.
I knew we had a picnic planned for later, so I didn't think much of it, since it was merely something we said we should do, but kept putting it off.

We met at the park, he pulled out my mom's giant picnic basket.
And we found a nice semi-shaded (I don't do the sun) spot.
He laid out the blanket, handed me my wide brimmed hat,
pulled out sandwiches from Jason's Deli,
Club Royale for me, and a Tuna Melt for him.
Connected his phone to a pair of portable speakers and started playing JT's 20/20 Experience.
Then said, "there's just one more thing."
Got on one knee and pulled out a little black box.

Cue my panic attack.

Now Trey at this time was uttering something related to marriage, 7 years, wife....
...honestly I have NO CLUE!
I just know my chest tightened,
my vision became blurry,
feeling left my body,
and I really didn't think I was going to make it.
I kept saying, "are you serious," "stop playing," "this isn't funny."

Once Trey finished his spill and realized that I hadn't comprehended any of it, he quickly said
"I'm not trying to be down here forever."
I threw out my right hand, quickly switched to my left,
and he slid the ring on to my finger.
Mind you, I did not say yes.
Which I later realized the next day!


  1. This is too sweet! I always love hearing the groom's version of the story. It sometimes surprises me how much thought (and nerves) go into the process! You two are freaking adorable, and I hope you continue to link up your wedding posts. I'm looking forward to reading more! xoxo

  2. thank you for the opportunity to share! Really enjoying your blog, as well!

  3. Love this story! I think it's always special to hear about the guy planning it out months in advance, it makes it that more special! My husband also had to throw around some white lies to keep me surprised when he popped the question.