#6 - Capturing Memories

 We have been dating more years than we have pictures together.
It's quite the conundrum considering we both own big fancy-pants cameras. 
(Meanwhile, Trey's gramma, with her purse full of disposable Kodaks, leaves NOTHING undocumented, y'all.) 

We don't fear not being able to do all the things on our bucket list,
but are terrified of not being able to look back on the things we've already done,
the constant reminders of how blessed and fortunate we are.
There's something to be said about the power of a single moment captured in time. 

Yesterday, we had an engagement shoot on the campus of our alma mater, 
with Lauren Cowart, a fellow Tar Heel and photographer. 
She's BOMB.
It's beautiful watching people do what they were created to do;
when you get that feeling that the work they're capable of producing had to originate elsewhere,
as if they're a medium and not actually the source.
It's evidence that God exists.
If anyone was gonna do this for us, we're glad it was her.

We trekked around our ol' stomping grounds, 
rehashing old memories, 
and creating new ones,
capturing it all on camera.

I think one of the reasons why we both have boundless love for UNC is because
it is the place where we each fell in love with our best friend. A single walk across campus
brings up countless memories of talks about the very future that is now our reality.

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