#7 - Virginia is for Lovers

Long distance relationships are rough, but a long distance engagement truly is HARD WORK.
Nevertheless, we are managing by trading FaceTime for actual face time.
Luckily we finally had a break in our super busy schedules,
and I got to enjoy a weekend in Roanoke, VA, where Trey is enrolled in grad school.

He made out this detailed itinerary of all the things we should do...
and I think we might have accomplished half of them, but that's neither here nor there.
Trey knows me well enough to know that any time I travel somewhere,
the only thing I'm concerned about is enjoying good (fattening) food.
So Friday night we went to this amazing local burger joint called Beamer's 25.
Picture a fancy Red Robin.
I was too busy devouring my burger to capture a picture,
but I had to document the massive onion rings they served us.
I'm sure they were genetically modified in some form or fashion
and my inner fat kid was not the least bit concerned.

On Saturday morning, in frolic fashion, we journeyed to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
This was quite an experience considering
I had managed to pack everything necessary for the hike
EXCEPT the appropriate shoes.
So Trey dragged me up the mountain side in a pair of ballet flats.

I would love to say that we took a 30 minute hike up the mountain 
only to be rewarded with amazing panoramic views...
but this was NOT the case. 
Our view was completely obstructed by overgrown trees and a dense fog. 
However, we drove further up the mountain which made it all worth it. 
Despite the fog, the views up there were pretty incredible.

After resting up from our morning excursion we went to the Taubman Museum of Art
and were able to experience the "This Light of Ours" exhibit.
It was an amazing collection of photographs taken by activist
photographers during the Civil Rights Movement.
The images were so incredibly moving and powerful.

The other art was cool too. But unfortunately by the time we finished 
the first exhibit the museum was about to close.

All in all it was a very successful (stress free) weekend. But if planning
a wedding has taught me anything, it is that the weekend does not come often enough.

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