#10 - When Opposites Attract

Venue shopping this past weekend.
Nowadays, I look in the mirror and ask myself, "Who. ARE. You?!" 

More and more, I find that I'm trading ESPN.com for TheKnot.com;
conversations with my homeboys are dominated by wedding shenanigans;
and I wait with baited breath for my next sliver of free time
so I can scour the internets looking at engagement shoots,
wedding venues,
and traditional, Nigerian wedding attire.
Spending Friday nights at home slaving over mounds of homework isn't so bad anymore, 
because all the wedding shows like Say Yes to The Dress and Four Weddings air on Friday night,
and they make for GREAT study-break material.

Just two months ago, I was the guy who scoffed at the idea of anything wedding related
 (sans the part about suits/tuxes *dreamy stare*). 
I even told Kelz, verbatim, "just tell me where to be and what time to be there." 
NOW? Now, I'm one Pinterest wedding pin away from morphing into an Olsen twin. 

I guess the only issue with me renegging on my completely-hands-off approach to weddings
is the fact that myself and the bride-to-be are polar opposites
 and our visions of what a wedding should look like differ tremendously!

I'm from the "The Country," meaning you could drive straight through my one stoplight hometown,
without ever realizing it.
Kelz is from the booming metropolis (or whatever) of Greensboro, the 3rd largest city in NC.
She's a black 'n white, straight edged, reserved kinda gal.
I'm a grey area, drink Kool-Aid straight out the pitcher, hoodrat-adventures-with-my-friends kinda guy.
The sum of our differences far surpasses our similarities but we make it work.


My ideal wedding would be a mix between a backyard cookout/quinceanera/rave,
with Carolina BBQ and sweet tea outta mason jars,
khaki suits, linen, and seersucker (if that's your cup of tea)
cornhole and card tables,
an ice cream truck,
and the most illegal, outrageous fireworks from South Carolina.

Kelz prefers a more formal, black tie atmosphere,
with floor-length dresses,
modern decor with an assortment of plated meals for dinner,
beautiful white calla lilies and hydrangeas,  
and she considers alllll of the little details such as where she and her bridal party will be getting dressed,
because, and I quote, "the pictures of me getting dressed HAVE to be amazing."

I never realized exactly how much went planning a wedding,
nor how involved or how FUN it would be for me as the groom,
(all the while Kellie is pulling her hair out).
But, it is cool giving my input here and there,
and watching how two totally different people can create a singular vision that represents us! 

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