#11 - The Update

*slips in the back door discretely*
Oh heeeey, y'all!
It's us again. 

We're officially 261 days away from jumpin' the brizznayee, 
which seeeeems like a bunch of time, 
But these days are passing like dog years.

Here's what's been going on 'round our neck of the woods since we last parlayed:
First: we FINALLY booked our wedding venue! 
It only took us 100 days,
and it was, hands down, the root of all our stress, 
the bane of our existence,
the "oh, I'm sorry, we're no longer serving breakfast" to our drive-thru order, y'all.

You would THINK--or at least we did--that picking a venue would be simple.
You make a list, take a visit, pick a date, sign the papers,
the sky opens up and out falls caaaandy-coooaaaated raiiiiindroooops.


We got hit with so many policies, restrictions, and fine print along the way 
that it became very clear why people choose to elope.
I'm talking stuff like,
"Photographer cannot be in aisle, or seated, or standing, or in balcony."
"All the flowers used to decorate can't be taken home afterwards."
"Vegan food only."
 "No cakes over 4 layers tall."
"No Wobbling."
Just a bunch of craziness, y'all.
On top of all that, it took an act of God to find a place available on our date. 
After we finally found somewhere that fit our needs, 
and had our date, 
and didn't require we bring a sacrificial lamb in order to walk down the aisle,
we couldn't find a place that could accommodate all of our guests for the ceremony and reception. 
So, we began looking for not one, but TWO separate venues.
And trust me when I say, 
we looked into every establishment within a 200 mile radius. 
From chapels to methodist cathedrals to barns
lofts to restaurants
bars to hotels
juke joints in sketchy back allies.
We. left. no. stone. unturned.

ALAS, we secured a place.
 The place where we wanted to have it all along, Proximity Hotel in Greensboro.  
It's gonna be great.

In addition to booking a venue, we booked a photographer and videographer.
Picked out tuxes for my partnas,
and my big sis found flower girl dresses for our nieces. 
We're a runaway train now that the venue is booked!

Lessons we learned through this process: 
flexibility is our best friend;
teamwork makes the dream work;
and once a venue is booked, it's smooth coasting from there.

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