#8 - Once Upon A Time

Although it feels like Trey and I have been together for an eternity,
 we were once naiive, young freshman at UNC,
not even thinking about romance.

It all began a little over 7 years ago.
60 high school graduates, most of us fresh off the stage with diplomas and gifts still in hand,
getting dropped off on campus to begin the Summer Bridge Program.
Most, if not all, of us arrived against our own will,
brought together to embark on what would eventually be an incredible, 6-week journey.

I can't say it was love at first sight.
For one, Trey didn't even know who I was for like the first week or so.
But I spotted him as the most eligible bachelor and put my 10-step plan into action.
I remember one day asking him to help me with my laundry.
He was confused, like, why can't you do your laundry yourself.
My sweetheart was a little slow.
I made up some excuse about how heavy my bags were,
and how I couldn't carry them all the way across the quad by myself.
Reluctantly, he helped and amid those laundry detergent suds, sparks began to fly.

I knew things were really getting serious following a movie night in the lounge.
A bunch of us piled in to watch Paid in Full.
I don't remember much about the movie, besides it being terrible.
But some how we managed to bond over this hood fab film,
and adopted the nicknames Lil Homie and Lil Buddy.

Sidenote: Trey later went as far as to get our nicknames 
spray painted on a pair of Air Force Ones...oh, young love.

Three weeks into the program and Trey decided to pop the question.
And like true children of the technology age he IMed me,
"Will you be my bridge boo?"
And just like that, our story began.

We didn't really "date" before jumping into a serious relationship,
something I wouldn't necessarily advise anyone else to do.
But, we both established early on a desire to make each other a priority.
Something that remains true today.

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