#9 - The List

Kellie and I got engaged on the 19th of July. 
On the 20th, we were sittin’ in a hotel room in NYC,
 already drafting a preliminary guest list for the ceremony. 

 “Yo we're finna invite e’rrrybody! I can’t wait. 
A family reunion! A block party! 
We streamin’ it live on Youtube,
and we're gonna get a contract with WE TV and be on Four Weddings!”

We alley-ooped the guest list to our families for help, 
and before we knew it we were waaaay in over our heads, g. 

By the time we jotted down our close friends and family, 
past and present coworkers, 
classmates, neighbors…. 
and our parents chipped in with members from church, 
extended family twice removed, 
children and babies, 
the mailman, 
and the drycleaning lady,
 The List had topped out at over 400 people
…and 2 dogs. 

 Me, in all my wedding naivete, 
thought it was gonna be great to share this momentous occasion with alllll of those people. 
That was up until we started searching for venues and calculating costs. 
It's one thing to accommodate 400 people.
It's a whole ‘nother thing to feed all 'em faces.
Besides, I tend to gauge things in terms of how many CookOut trays I could purchase instead,
and with our current wedding vision,
we're looking at TWO lifetime's worth of Club Style sandwiches and Reese's Shakes.

 Soooo...the first major hurdle that Kelz and I have encountered 
is a problem that I’m sure plagues a lot of people with huge plans,
 and even huger (is that a word?) families: 
having eyes way bigger than our budget. 

Until next time....

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