#13 - The Starter Home

a little post-UNC Homecoming date fun.

Kellie and I are extremely blessed to already have a starter home! 
Her parents were soooo gracious enough to slide us the keys to their rental property.
Now, Kellie's living there as they make renovations,
and I'll be moving in once I begin my clinical rotations in a couple years!

We have big plans once I finish school, y'all.
A full-service man-cave kitted with parquet floors.
A Hogwarts-esque office/library for Kelz' freelance graphic designing.
The deck and backyard are PERF' for summer cookouts and Aggie homecoming kickbacks.
(A basketball court and car wash station would be ideal, but I might be a little overzealous.) 

In the meantime, the kitchen has been TOTALLY flipped. 
I'm talmbout HGTV, ABC Home-Makeover flipped, y'all. 
Kelz' eye for design is top shelf. 
All the rooms have been painted.
And she's slowly but surely making it feel like home.
First order of biz': getting some of our engagement shoot images printed for a picture wall.

We recently invited a talented, fellow UNC alum, Jade, over to paint a mural for us! So dope!
(Sidenote: We've been searching Pinterest for a quote to add to it,
so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)

But that's enough chit-chat for now. Peep some of the pictures and let us know what you think!



See y'all at the Super Bowl party if the Seahawks (Kellie's team)  Cowboys (my squad) makes it?! 


  1. well when i see the birds i immediately think about scriptures related to birds (e.g., Luke 12:6-7, Is 30:41, Prov 27:8, Matt 6:26-27) or scripture related to tress (e.g., john 15:1-8, prov 13:12).

  2. Or "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" maya a poem