#16 - Happy Birthday Trey

This post is dedicated to one half of the Chapel 2 Chapel crew, Mr. Trey Washington. 
Happy Birthday to an incredible person, friend, and fiancé. 
It is more evident everyday how different Trey and I are from one another. 
But the awesome thing about that is how we've been able to 
grow and learn from our differences. 
Without a doubt he has shaped the person I am today. 
And I am so incredibly grateful to have met him 7 1/2 years ago. 
But that's enough mushy stuff. 

A trip to Virginia was imperative to celebrate his 26th. 
I was finally able to meet his OT classmates. 
We had plenty of time to bond after we waited for an hour and a half
at the infamous Homeplace Restaurant in Catawba.
But it was certainly worth it. 
Thanksgiving alll over again. 

We even found time to check wedding band shopping off the to do list. 
I would say it was a very productive weekend. 

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