#18 - Health is Wealth (Guest Post)

It's a real pleasure for us to share this week's post with y'all! 
We reached out to a couple that we admire for insight, 
as they, too, are preparing for marriage and planning a wedding for next summer!
(Not to mention, they're also Tar Heels,
who met in the same program that Kellie and I did just one year prior!)
Check out their awesome story below.

Healthy Wife, Happy Life: Physical Fitness in Relationships 

As we approach the season of New Year's Resolutioners and their enormous soon-to-be gym take-over, we are reminded that for most, exercising is all about timing. Like relationships, having the right mixture of timing, drive and passion can reap for wonderful results and yield a happy and healthy life. Like Trey and Kellie, we don't pretend to be experts on marriage and fitness, but we can share what we've learned in the process and the growth it has provided for our relationship in particular…

Plan minus Practice is Dead (Kelli's Tip): 
Find what works for you and DO IT. We've found that consistency, plus knowledge, plus motivation make for a good fitness platform no matter your fitness level. I love Mike because he pushes me to do better and he finds new ways to challenge me. He brings me into his fitness world, which right now consists of Crossfit classes (last year it was Insanity, whew!). I teach a Bootcamp class in Knightdale, he was the first enrolled in our pilot of the program last summer. One of these days I'm going to get him in a Zumba Class, lol. We have run two 5k events together and are currently training for our third. And oh yea, we're also training for this walk down the aisle (I have BIG plans to look "tiny" in my dress come May)! Being in a relationship and exercising is important because you are finding what works for you and what works for your household.

Don't Be Afraid to be Honest with Each Other (Mike's Tip):
I didn't realize until later on in our relationship how big of a role exercise plays. I remember looking at old pictures from undergrad thinking "man, is that what I looked like?!? how come nobody told me?!?" Staying healthy/exercising in a relationship keeps us honest I think, which, in turn brings us closer together. I've got no problem if Kelli calls me out because I've got early signs of jello arm or turkey neck. Early on in our relationship it may have been the issue of not wanting to hurt feelings and not knowing each other well enough. Now, after 8 years, we can hold each other accountable so we no longer have to ask "how come nobody told me?!?" Granted it's SO easy to fall off when you've been exercising consistently. Takes about 6 weeks to get in shape, only 2 to get out. We're building good habits now so that they will be the foundations that our family grows on.

Before (L) and After (R)

Look at the Long-Term Outcome (Kelli's Tip): 
More and more I realize that I don't push Michael to be better so that he looks good in a speedo (although the thought is BALLER), I push him because I strive for his longevity as a human being. His health, has become my health. His well-being is mine, and so on and so forth. I want to see him healthy to reach milestones that some people never achieve, ie- working full-time for 30+ years, retirement, running behind kids, seeing those same kids off to college, traveling cross-county at age 76 with a dream and a bike (ok, maybe not that last one, but we'll see how it goes). The point is when I look at Mike, I want him to feel good and live well, and that simply cannot happen without fitness and exercise.

Working out has so many health benefits, not to mention, it cuts down wedding planning stress! The key is to make exercise fun. For example, we belong to this group that originated from a lone Instagram post called "#TeamWatchWars". This almost year long relationship has spawned into a Groupme daily conversation to hold each other accountable for our workouts. Amongst the playful banter we encourage each other to "check-in" by posting workouts and proof via your heart rate monitor. If someone doesn't check-in, you call them (sometimes at 6am) to make sure they are up and doing at least 45 minutes of exercise a day. You just got to fit it in, by any means necessary. We all have weak moments, but being in a relationship means you don't have to go it alone!

More About Mike and Kelli: 
Mike Holloway and Kelli Cheatham will wed next May 24th in Angier, NC. They are 2009 graduates of UNC Chapel Hill. In addition to her full-time position with State Employees' Credit Union, Kelli is an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and currently teaches Zumba and Bootcamp in Raleigh and Knightdale (See her info below for more on her HUGE Zumba Party on Jan 4th)! In 2011 Mike lost over 30 pounds on his own by implementing workouts into his schedule and changing eating habits. He currently works for Apple in Greensboro and attends Crossfit classes at 6 am each morning.


Special thanks to Kelli and Mike for taking the time to share their journey with us. 
 Here's to a beautiful wedding day, and an even more amazing marriage! 

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