#20 - The Wedding Registries

A couple of weeks ago, Trey and I embarked on an interesting journey to Target
(his favorite store EVER)
in order to start our wedding registry.
The process was surprisingly simple. 
After entering our names and wedding date at the kiosk, 
a wonderful store associate handed us the keys to the kingdom. 
Let me tell you, no one (wo)man should have all that power.

It was pretty exciting frolicking through the store highlighting any and everything
that could potential enrich our lives. 
And I do mean any. and. everything.
We registered for a Keurig, despite the fact that neither of us drinks coffee.
(Hi Kaylah.)
And there are enough towels listed on our registry to dry the bodies of an entire football team. 
But everything seemed so justifiable at the time.
Every item from the cast iron skillets to the carpet shampooer seemed like characters 
in this new chapter of our life together.

Making a registry has probably been the easiest, most fun things we've done so far,
and we're happy to share them with you all,
along with a few additions to the site!

We've added some navigation tabs beneath our header (pictured below) which include:
quick links to our About Us and Proposal posts,
our wedding registries,
and a guest book page if anyone feels like dropping us a word!

 photo cd4bc4da-4850-45f9-a379-71afd8cbab2a_zps6d1a2b59.png

We hope that these will make it easier to navigate the site,
and find information as we get closer to the Big Day!

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