#22 - Kellie's 26th

When I first met Kelz, she was 18 years old,
and had a ribbon-bow tied in her hair.
She was from the "city" (relative to me),
gave "-ing" its just do when speaking aloud,
and said "well" instead of "good" when asked how she was doing.
She was loud,
and blunt,
and stayed up late
but still managed to test higher than me on the math and english placement exams.
She was confident and personable,
and I legitimately thought about writing notes on an index card the first time I called her 
because I as so intimidated and nervous.

Today, she turned 26,
and I've been blessed to be there with her over these past 7+ years.
She sees in my blindspots and helps me grow.
She loves and cares for me and others as selflessly as anyone I've ever known,
and I'm grateful to have spent another year with her and look forward to those ahead!!
Happy birthday Kellie! 

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