#19 - Holiday Lovin'

I feel closest to God in two places:
1) when I'm standing on the shore looking out over the vastness of the ocean,
2) when I'm in a plane looking down at the landscape.  
[Amendment: When I lay eyes on a beautiful, red Cookout sign
after not having eaten there for a while.]

The novelty of these experiences never wane. 
They humble me, stopping me in my tracks to reflect on His glory.
So, what better way to spend Christmas day than on the beach?

Last week, Kellie and I celebrated Christmas together for the first time since we started dating.
(Though we've always had a standing tradition of going to see a movie on Christmas Eve.
Baby steps? lol)
 On Christmas Eve, her family, extended family, and myself drove down to Myrtle Beach.
We spent the week relaxing,
stuffing our faces,
and frolicking on the sand.

As we head into 2014,
a year full of new and exciting events and opportunities,
we just want to say thanks for all the support and well wishes that we've received.
It is truly appreciated.
Happy New Year, from Kellie and Trey!

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