#23 - Eat Dinner Together

Image via Southern Weddings
Kristin over at Southern Weddings 
recently wrote a post about the value of a breaking bread with your significant other.  

Me and Kellie's very first date, if you can even call it that,
was at Pita Pit on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. 
(Set the bar low to give yourself room to work up, know'msayin?)

I bet a total of 20 words were spoken that night between the two of us.
I was too nervous to eat,
and I tend to sip water to fill awkward silence, 
so let's just say I left that night well hydrated.
Which is great because we ended up having to RUN all the way back to the dorm 
in order to meet our 9 o' clock curfew. 

Over the years, some of our best conversations have occurred over dinner.
Chicken wraps, fries, chocolate chip cookies and family history at B-skis.
Quesadillas, spinach dip, and 5-year plans at Chili's. 
Sushi rolls and worst fears at Shiki
Burgers, bottomless fries and work-life balance at and Red Robin
shrimp 'n grits and future travel at Bahama Breeze,
Portobello mushrooms, ribs and religion at Texas Roadhouse
Lunch boxes and wedding planning at Little Tokyo
Pizza and celebrity gossip.
pizza and sports.
pizza and music
pizza and Jeopardy....
...we eat a LOT of pizza, y'all.
And of course, the infrequent but always amazing, home-cooked meal (or take out)
to mull over relationship issues in-house, in private.

Eating dinner together is something Kelz and I both really enjoy and look forward to.
There's no price you can put on spending quality time over a good meal,
and it's definitely something I see us making a priority throughout the life of our marriage!

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