#24 - Groom Style

"I don't care about colors or flowers any of that stuff. Just let me have free reign on the suits."
This was me to Kellie 6 months ago when we began all of this.
As it turns out, I didn't exactly get "free reign."
(I'm pretty sure very few grooms in history have.)
Despite our July wedding date, Kellie was bent on a formal shindig, 
which pushed me more in the direction of tuxedos instead of suits.
But besides that, this little corner of planning has been alllll mine.

Yesterday, Kellie and I took a trip over to Davidsons Clothing to get my wedding tux tailored. 
When I moved to downtown Roanoke for school,
I knew that I'd be getting alterations there. 
This place, which celebrated it's 100th anniversary recently,  
is a REAL LIFE menswear Pinterest board.
I'm talkin' custom suits and MTM shirts,
a vintage barbershop,
a lounge area with flat screens,
and a show room floor with everything from leather holdalls and Drakes neckties, 
to 1000 Mile Wolverine boots and Allen Edmonds loafers.

A tux rental can run you anywhere from $150 - $250.
I couldn't justify spending that kinda money on something I'd only wear once
so, I decided to buy a tux instead.
I've gotten pretty dern good and buying new and lightly used menswear off Ebay.
and after a couple months of patiently digging, 
purchased brand new for $375, retails for $815+.

The advantages of buying my tux:
- If I wear it just twice more, I will have already gotten more value out of it than a rental.
- Freedom to get it tailored
- Access to more styles and cuts, like this shawl number
- If I ever need a tux for anything, I'll easily have one on hand.

Now, all that's left is finding shoes! 

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