#28 - If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Ring on It (The Cliche Title Post)

Kellie: It has pretty much taken an act of congress to get Trey to commit to wearing a wedding band. He even had the nerve to ask if he could wear a "wedding watch" instead. As if that makes any sense. In order to convince him to do anything traditional or conventional you pretty much have to give him a well-thought-out, 500-word think piece explaining its significance to his life.

Trey: FIRST of all, I only require 400 words. Secondlyyyy, I ain’t against tradition in toto, so much as I am weary of things that are seldom questioned because “that’s how it’s always been done.” Lastly, I love watches and haaaate rings so it seems pretty reasonable for me to wanna actually like something that I'll be expected to wear e'ryday for forever. What do wedding bands even symbolize to you?

To be honest I never seriously considered the significance of a wedding band, other than letting these other women know whassup. The better question is why do you insist on fighting me?!

SMH, whether you mark your little territory or not, it's my responsibility to act like I got some sense. And generally, women wear rings casually and men don't so donning permanent finger jewelry is like the male equivalent of the sacrifice y'all make during childbirth, or nah?
........ *side eye*

Anywho, you gotta admit, I’ve come around lately. I be wearing my new band around the house like I just won the national championship.

So I win. That ring is a symbol of our bond. A reminder of the promises we have made together. So whether you are with me or not you always have a reminder of what we have. Or something mushy like that.

Rings are also circles. And I read somewhere that circles represent infinity and protection (like on supernatural shows when they stand inside them jawns to ward off evil spirits and foolishness). So, I can rock with that.

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