#30 - One Big Family

My gramma, the matriarch of the clan, front and center.
There's a fairly common expression that goes:

"You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family."

The great thing about marriage is that we do, in fact, get to choose our families.
Soon, Kellie will become a member of mine.
And, I, hers.
Or better yet, as her mom put it, we will become one big family.

Not everyone has close-knit, immediate kinfolk,
and for many people, blood isn't always thicker than water.
But relationships present a wonderful opportunity to create and cultivate
the family that you may not have always had.

I didn't grow up with a dad in the home,
and while this has become somewhat of a cliched expression
in which the speaker is expected to feel indifferent,
I can wholeheartedly say
 that it adds a whole 'nother layer of novelty to the relationship with my future father-in law.
Not only that, but Kelz' mom is uniquely different than my own.
And together, her entire family has opened up their home to me,
prayed with and for me,
allowed me to travel with them,
cooked for me
(and y'all KNOW when Black folk let you use the good dishes,
them plates yo' gramma had with the floral designs around the edges
that only come out on special occasions?
You automatically kin after that anyway).
The love they've shown is beyond words.

Both of us are fortunate to come from really loving backgrounds
and I'm so excited about the decision that I've made in choosing my new family members.

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