#29 - Wedding Planning Catch-22

Honestly, y'all. 
We're afraid that our wedding might not turn out as we had originally planned.

The catch-22 of wedding planning:
You're stuck between being truthful and appearing ungrateful and inconsiderate,
 or telling white lies to keep everyone else content, 
and watching your vision sift through your fingers like sand.

A tiny bit of compromise here,
a tiny bit of compromise there,
a request heeded here,
a request heeded there,
A suggestion taken here,
a suggestion taken there,
a courtesy invite here,
a self invite there (this has actually happened),
and before you know it, you've become somewhat of a spectator in your own shindig.

To what degree are weddings about you and for everyone else
is influenced by a multitude of things:
Also, who's fronting the bill for your Big Day.
(A small, private destination affair,
no matter how unconventional and despite voices of dissent,
is a lot easier to bring to fruition if the bride and groom are cutting all the cheques,
noooot so much if they aren't cutting any.)

It's a balancing act,
the crux of wedding planning stress. 

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