#31 - The Menu Tasting

Yesterday Trey and I were in productivity overdrive.
I met with our wedding coordinator to iron out
the timeline for the day of the wedding.
Then we had the most incredible menu tasting at the Proximity.
Followed by our final pre-marital counseling session.
I've never felt more accomplished.
The check list is getting shorter and shorter every day.
And the nerves and excitement are building up
like a symphony of emotions.

But I must tell ya'll about the incredible menu tasting.
First of all, I would highly recommend the Proximity Hotel
to any couple looking for a wedding reception venue in Greensboro.
They have been the most accommodating and easy to work with vendor by far.
My expectations were initially high considering
you know the price tag, and reputation of the hotel itself.
But despite all that they still managed to blow my mind.
They initially sent us a menu of about 10 different entrees we could taste.
We chose the Seared Chicken with Mushroom Sauce,
the Pan Roasted NC Trout with Brown Butter, Capers and Lemon,
the Pan Seared Salmon with Honey-Lime Butter Sauce,
and the Bacon-Wrapped Braised Beef Short Ribs.
Ya'll it felt like Thanksgiving Day.
Everything was phenomenal.
Trey and I being the self proclaimed fat kids that we are
had no problem diving in to each and every plate.
And each entree did not disappointed.
I would have to say though
the Bacon-Wrapped Beef Short Ribs were by far my favorite.
Granted you could wrap anything in bacon
and I will likely swallow it whole.
It was a truly difficult decision to narrow it down to just 3 options.
But it feels great knowing that if
nothing else goes well on that special day,
we can at least count on some bomb food
to share with our friends and family.

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