#33 - The Wedding Theme

Early on when you begin planning a wedding
you get bombarded with so many questions. 
People want to know; how many people do you plan to invite, 
who all is in your bridal party, 
what will the colors be, 
band or DJ, 
plated dinner or buffet, 
and most importantly what is the theme. 
And to be honest Trey and I really had no clue about most of these things. 
We basically knew what we liked and what we didn't like. 
We laid out the things that were important to us, 
and what we wanted the day to represent. 
But a one word all encompassing theme, yea not a clue. 
But with a little bit of help, prayer, and Pinterest, 
we constructed a wedding theme that we felt accurately represented us. 
We went with a travel theme. 
It was important to us that those invited felt like 
they were going on a journey with us.
We want all of the guest to not feel like they were just spectators,
but to feel like they were part of this new chapter in our lives.

The truly awesome thing about this entire experience is that it has forced 
Trey and I to really work together like never before. 
All the books I've read and all the advice I have received 
about marriage really boils down to how much hard work it requires. 
So I'm really glad we had this opportunity to plan and work together
 on this blog and on our wedding. 
Working through compromises and sacrifices. 
Establishing what is important to us and what we want our legacy to be.

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