#35 - Meet Our Bridal Party - Part 1

When it came time to choose the people
we wanted to help us celebrate the big day,
the choice was easy.
We've been so blessed to have so many incredible people
surround us throughout our lives that it only made sense
that our bridal party be a mix of family and lifelong friends.
We asked the girls to share how long they have known the bride,
when they first met,
what they are most looking forward to on the wedding day,
and some advice for the couple.
Meet 1/2 of the bridal party below.

Kaylah Roberson - Maid of Honor
1. I have known Kellie since I was about eight or nine years old. I don't really know how long we've known each other and she doesn't either we just know it's been a while. We first met through my older sister who attended UNCG and some how met Kellie's parent's. So when ever I came to visit my sister I would also hang out with Kellie because she was a weird child and didn't hang out with too many friends so...she looked like she could use a friend.

2. I am looking forward to the reception the most! The emcee and special guest singer are going to make it pop! And I know Trey is going to show out and Kellie will pretend to be embarrassed, thus it will be a good time of laughter and fellowship....not to mention good food!

3. Anything worth having is worth working hard for...and that goes for a good marriage. A perfect marriage is two imperfect people that refuse to give on each other....REMEMBER THAT!

Krystal Cherry - Bridesmaid
1. I have known Kellie for 13 years. We met at Love and Faith Christian Fellowship

2. The moment Kellie appears at the end of the aisle ready to walk to her soul mate. Reality will set in… “This is it!” and the tears begin to flow!!

3. Your wedding day is full of joy; Tomorrow you cannot see. But one thing's sure for the two of you: The best is yet to be. - By Joanna Fuchs

Kiya Oviosun - Bridesmaid
1. I have known the bride since I was born, so I have known her for about fourteen years. I met her in the hospital.

2. I am most looking forward to the wedding ceremony and Kellie and Trey finally saying their personal vows.

3. Always listen to what God tells you and don't stray from what you know is right.

Tiffany Washington - Bridesmaid
1. I met the bride during her freshman year at UNC when she began her courtship with my brother, Trey. The "word" in the family was, "Trey has a girlfriend!"

2. I am looking forward to the exchange of vows. Trey will be the first among his siblings to get married. Also, Trey and Kellie are a creative couple. Thus, I am also looking forward to their interpretation of the theme.

3. My advice for the couple: Do not put your hope for a successful marriage in the economy, your bank account, your degrees, or even each other ... but put your hope in Jesus Christ. All other ground is sinking sand.

Cheyna Elliott - Hostess
1. The bride is my first cousin and I've known her all of my life.

2. I'm most excited about having my family come together for such a joyous occasion.

3. Remember to keep God first in all y'all do and everything else will fall in place. Also, don't wait too long to have babies ;)

Brittany Marshall - Hostess
1. Maybe 2 years...Since the beginning of 2012ish when the bride started at Ralph Lauren....She wanted to be my bestie...

2. I'm looking forward to some good laughs. Truly enjoying the day with the bride and her family. It will be interesting to see any sparks of the cultural changes they incorporate to the traditional event.

3. Continue to be the individuals you are, but continue to make those individuals better, together. Hold off on kids, until you have traveled and are TRULY ready. You guys are obviously best friends, so don't change that or let anyone else adjust your positions. If you meet a cute, well-off, eligible guy that could have made your cut, just send him to me! ;-)

Faith Smith - Hostess
1. I’ve known the bride for 12 years(WOW). We met in 2002 as Freshmen at Southeast Guilford High School.

2. I am most looking forward to seeing Kellie in her beautiful dress walk down the isle to become one with the man of her dreams!

3. Keep God in the center of your marriage and everything else will work itself out :)

Traci Toliver - Hostess
1. I have known Kellie for about 3 years I think. I met her through our mutual friend Krystal and I believe we were celebrating one of our birthdays or a holiday.

2. On wedding day, I'm looking forward to the excitement of the day itself and the ceremony.

3. My advice for the couple would be to always keep God first and to keep open communication between each other regardless of what you are going through.

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