#36 - Enjoy the Process

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Enjoy The Process - Nathan Yoder from BWALL on Vimeo.

"Fulfillment isn't so much realized, or obtained when you reach a certain status, or you reach a certain skill set. I think it's found in enjoying where you're at and enjoying the work that is in front of you now. And not looking too far down the road to where you want to be."

Whew. *wipes brow*

When you haven't quite reached the level of success that you want (or that is expected of you), it's easy to view the current season of your life as just a stepping stone to something better; in doing so, as I've learned, you fail to enjoy the process.  Time often seems like the only thing standing in the way of fulfillment. As a result, we sometimes get caught drifting idly through today while focusing almost entirely on tomorrow.  When I was little my momma used to tell me, "Don't wish your life away." Only now, at 26, am I beginning to understand the weight of her words. (Thanks, Ma.)

In 75 days, I'll be getting married. I'm excited. I'm anxious. I'm geeked about turning up with partna'dem for the first time since high school.  But I'm also keeping things in perspective and not approaching the wedding as the climax of me and Kelz' relationship, or worse, looking at our marriage as a box to check off in my quest for achievement.

A lot of us deal with undue stress that comes from pressure to accomplish X, Y, Z by this and that age.  We want to appear as though we have it all together by adhering closely as possible to that horrible, imaginary timeline of expectations.  As evidenced by people's "about time!" reaction to the news of our engagement, the end game always seems to trump the process.  But, thankfully, fulfillment isn't something we're finally hoping to attain on our wedding day.  We've found it in the process of becoming best friends, through our triumphs and failures, through our sharing of goals, fears, etc.  I had already won well before she said yes to being my wife.

I've learned that if you focus on enjoying the process, the outcome will inevitably take care of itself.  Always. Ain't no peace in looking so far ahead that you lose sight of the here and now. 

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