#37 - Meet Our Bridal Party - Part 2

In the spirit of the previous bridal party post,
we also asked the fellas in our party to answer three questions:
How long have they known the groom.
When'd they first meet the groom.
What are they most looking forward to on the wedding day.
Meet the second half of our bridal party below!

Terrance Atkins - Best Man
1. I've known Trey since pre-k...and been best friends ever since. I guess that's when we first met...maybe on the sliding board or bullying him for his chocolate milk in the cafeteria...lol.

2. I'm looking forward to standing by my best friends side as he takes one of the biggest steps of his life in marrying his first and last love!

3. I would say make sure you remain best friends through the marriage because, coming from personal experience, you can get mad at your best friend...be distant from your best friend...be stranded in a bathroom with your best friend (*inside joke*)...but you will always love and support your best friend at all times.

Phillip Goode - Groomsman
1. I've known the groom since we were knee high, all of my life.

2. Being that this will be my first time at a wedding, I am excited about the whole experience. Also, being around family and friends.

3. Always be yourselves, it's what attracted you to one another from the start.

Quincey Washington - Groomsman
1. LOL, I used to change his diapers! I remember when he started walking and so many funny stories that I could start a blog based on his first moments! I am so proud of the man he has become!

2. The pageantry, smiles and tears!

3. Never lose sight of why the two of you fell in love to begin with, always let that be your reminder when life begins to throw its guaranteed challenges your way. Just know that if you fight side by side every step of the way and believe in God, even the toughest of times will quickly fade and be overshadowed by positive memories and blessings. Oh yeah, and come and get your nieces every summer lol!

Art Hailey - Groomsman
1. I have known Trey since the summer of 2008. He was my summer bridge counselor before I knew him as Kellie's boyfriend.

2. I am looking forward to all of the planned festivities. I know that there has been a lot of time and planning involved into making this a momentous occasion, so I am excited to witness and be apart of the ceremony.

3. One piece of advice for the couple is to remember the little things.

Jarrell Mclendon - Usher
1. I have known Trey for many years... I have two memories that I am constantly juggling: One of them includes playing football for North Stanly in either 3rd or fourth grade. The other is a summer venture with Stoney Goode to Trey's house to play basketball. I will use the second memory because I think that is the moment that established our friendship. It included a very rough game of basketball between two competitive souls and also a shared arrogance. Now correct me if I am wrong but I lost that game of basketball between me, you and Stoney and I hate losing. I remember riding my bike back home across town before it got completely dark. I am getting old and it is a constant reminder when you can't remember when you met one of your best friends and the many of times you didn't see eye to eye.

2. Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of a well thought out and planned wedding. I know the time and effort both parties put into it, and I am ready to see the main event so to speak. I am answering questions for the blog, and to add to the memories of this time, I love it. To be involved so much in this special event makes me feel apart whole story. From the blog chapel2chapel.com to the events leading up to the wedding day and thereafter, this is truly an artistic vison.

3. The three L's: Love, Learn,and Live (together), which will be hard at times, easy at times, and full of unknowns. I see you both loving each other now and I want you to continue to do it forever. Times will change, ideas will change, but what needs to stay forever in your hearts is that whatever challenge or chance is given to either of you, make a decision out of love together and always learn from it.

Learning is a pivotal part of living, the two really don't work well without the other. We start off life as individuals and we learn throughout our life alone different traits or characteristics that are very important to sharing life with another. Learning things together as one will only add to the happiness and the fulfillment of your journey as husband and wife.

My third and final point is to Live. I know you both will have some amazing stories to tell everyone one day about how yall did this, or did that, and that takes living. Add excitement to a dinner, or a walk in the park, and truly enjoy the earth as God has intended us to. We all will be waiting to listen to experiences you both will have in your lives as husband and wife and to hopefully share in some of those memories with you both!

Justin Mclendon - Usher
1. I don’t ever remember meeting Trey for the first time, it was like he was someone I known all my life even though I am sure at one time we did meet but I don’t can’t remember.

2. The wedding itself, it is always inspiring to see weddings and everything that goes into it. There are so many emotions concentrated in one area it emits a certain feeling on everyone around.

3. Honesty is my only advice.

Jeffery Houston - Usher
1. I've known the groom since 1995. I met him at school or something like that.

2. I'm most looking forward to all of the eligible bachelorettes in attendance.

3. My advice, keep doing what's been working for the two of you! You've made it this far...happy and full of energy, you inspire other couples and even singles so keep doing what you are doing!

Greg Haywood - Usher
1. We first met back in middle school. We didn't even know we were family back then. Playing football every weekend at my Gramma's crib.

2. The reception, wedding and see the couples first dance.

3. The advice I will give the couple: Keep God first. Create a strong foundation. Marriage is a partnership. Commit to each other and to your marriage. Wake up every morning and ask yourself "What can I do today to make my spouse life better?" Deal with your spouse in way that protects and enhances each other's self-esteem. Communicate at a mature level and be patient with each other.


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