#38 - Kellie and Trey Meet JOHNNYSWIM (V-LOG)

Guy taking the picture for us: "Hey, I can't make it any bigger."
Abner and Amanda, in unison: "That's what she said!"

Last night, Kellie and I came face to face with our spirit animals,
a husband-and-wife duo by the name JOHNNYSWIM.
They recently released a full-length album called Diamonds,
a followup to their a-maaazing EPs, Home and Heart Beats.

As luck would have it, 
one of their tour stops happened to be at Kirk Avenue Music Hall in Roanoke, VA,
literally a stones throw away from Trey's place.
We've been trying to catch them live for a little over a year now,
so there was NO way that we were gonna miss this show. 
And laaaaaawdhaghmercy, let me tell y'all it was well worth the wait!
It may have even worked out better that we saw them now, 65 days out from the wedding,
because their music, aside from being just plain ol' GOOD,
has provided a soundtrack for all these new emotions we're experiencing as newlyweds-to-be
(both the positive and the negative). 

Check out our first video re-capping last night, below...
watch them play NPRs Tiny Desk Concert here....
and finally, stream/buy their new album here.

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