#39 - Light At the End of the Tunnel

Planning a wedding is one steady stream of stress and compromise,
with short, intense glimmers of happiness.

This past weekend Trey and I spent probably over 24+ hours working on packaging our invitations.
Sorting, and labeling, and sealing, and stamping.
Consequently my house looks like an Office Depot exploded, and I pretty much had to pay my weight in stamps just to ship these suckers.
And although I have paper cuts on both of my thumbs and second degree burns on my palms.
I've never felt so accomplished in my life. All of the invites have officially been sent and we cannot be more excited.
It feels great to finally be able to check off such a major item off our to-do list. 
And be that much closer to the big day.
Peep our video below. 

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