#42 - Wedding Vows PT. 1

From the very beginning Trey and I knew
we both wanted to write our own vows.
We were never keen on the idea of reciting some generic passage
that wasn't unique to us or our relationship.
From day one it has been important for us
to have elements of our wedding that were unique to us,
a direct reflection of our relationship.
And I feel like our vows are the ultimate representation of that.
Now of course when it came time for us to sit down
and actual write these vows we started having second thoughts.
It would be soooo much easier to just do a repeat after me and keep it moving,
but that wasn't an option.
Trey and I both have been doing a ton of research
in order to prepare for this new chapter of our lives.
We quickly learned that although we have been together for 7+ years
we still have a lot of growing to do within our relationship.
We are constantly learning and changing,
so it is important for us to make promises specific
to the commitment we plan to make next month.

Now I can only speak for myself but
writing my vows was an incredibly daunting task at first.
I would jot down things from time to time on my phone when I felt inspired.
But when I actually sat down to make it all make sense, I struggled.
Granted I haven't had to pen anything more than 140 characters in like 5 years.
So after reading tons of articles and what not,
I finally found something that spoke to me and relieved me
of the tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure I was putting on myself.

"No need for perfect, overly-articulate compound sentences.
Remember that the vows are ultimately just for you and your partner."

And just like that I realized that I wasn't writing a 10 page dissertation
about why Trey should agree to put up with me for the rest of our lives.
But I was really just writing a love letter to my best friend.
Giving him gently reminders of where we've been, and where we hope to go.
And just like that I finished, on to the next one.


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