#43 - 1 Week Left

*peaks head in the door*
Oh, hey, guise! 

So, erm, we're officially 1 week away from #KandTJumpTheBroom 
(official wedding day hashtag TBD, obviously).

As evidenced by our lack of posting here lately,
life comes at you fast when you're planning a wedding.
Like, really fast.

We just wanted to give y'all an idea of what to look forward to in our remaining posts,
as we head into the final week of preparation.
Here's what we're thinking:
-5 Things We Learned About Ourselves During Wedding Planning/Marriage Prep
-The Top 5 Things We Enjoyed
-5 Things We Wish We Would Have Done Differently
-Wedding Pictures
-Honeymoon Recap
-Possibly our vows? Or some sappy, reflective post about life and love.
-#50 - Wrap-Up!

See you all next week! Come ready to have fun!


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