#45 - Our Wedding Vows

Kellie and I knew from the jump that we were going to write our own vows.  
We saw it as one of the opportunities to put a unique touch on the ceremony.
Plus, reciting lifelong promises after someone else just seemed kinda impersonal, y'know? 

True story:
A year ago, I knew it was time to propose to Kellie when my vows came to me in a dream.
But it wasn't a dream, it was more like a vision,
(à la when Mufasa appeared in the sky, before Simba went to save Pride Rock).
Me, being told my vows.
I woke up from my sleep and wrote them down verbatim. 
Then I prayed about it.
A few months later, all the cards fell in place, and we were engaged.
The End.

Now fast forward to last weekend.
I didn't end up using those vows.
By the time the wedding rolled around, they didn't feel fresh anymore.
So, Kellie and I both decided on a word limit.
We looked for inspiration on the internets,
wrote and re-wrote.
I begged her to let me see hers, she denied.
We shared them with her maid of honor, she approved.
And finally, we did rock/papers/scissors to see who would go first.
Kellie won.
And as we stood on the altar, 
and the time came for her to read her vows, 
they were nowhere to be found! 
So, I ended up going first after all,
just to give the people time to find hers.
These were my promises to Kelz:


            Kellie, 8 years ago today, I mustered up every ounce of courage I had and asked you to be my Summer Bridge Boo in Lewis dorm.  Now, I stand before you deeply in love and grateful for your commitment to me, and to us. You’ve seen the best of me and the worst of me, yet every day you love me with a grace and warmth and selflessness that is not of this world; it’s a lot like being loved by God.

            And so, I happily pledge my life to you, without fear or reservation. Together, we’ll take the experiences from our pasts, all of our hopes and dreams, triumphs and failures, strengths and weaknesses, Tar Heels paraphernalia, and Netflix, we’ll put all this stuff in one big suitcase and make this journey together through Earth to Heaven.

From this day forward,
  • I promise to create an environment where you feel safe and free, allowing us to minister to the most vulnerable parts of one another.
  • I promise to respect and appreciate you for who you are and for who you’ll become.
  • I promise to support all your goals and ambitions.
  • I promise to always be there for you when you need me; to actively listen when you’re venting, without trying to solve everything.
  • I promise to wash the dishes when you cook, to always let you put your cold feet on me to warm them up, and to root for your Seahawks, except when they’re playing the Cowboys.
  • I promise to persevere when times get tough, knowing that any issue we might face, it’ll be US versus the issue and not me versus you.
  • Finally, I promise to keep Christ at the center of our marriage; to cover you in prayer; and to love you just as Christ loves the church, one day at a time.

I am proud, from this day forward, to be called your husband. Thank you for marrying me. 


After a small heart attack,
Kelz was able to retrieve her vows and share them with me.
Hers went: 

     8 years ago today you asked me to be your "Bridge boo" through an AOL instant message. So I guess you can really say we started from the bottom, now we're here.

     I wish I had some unique story to tell of the very moment I realized you were the one, that moment when the stars aligned, and a bright light shined upon your face and angels descended singing your praises…but there isn’t one. I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t love you.

     I never fully understood the depth of God's love for me until I met you. It is amazing to me that as God was shaping and molding me for you he was ordering your steps directly towards me. There is no doubt in my mind that we were created for one another.  

     Now I have thought long and hard about these vows. Because I know you plan to hold me to every last one of them. So with that…I do promise to cook more. Because man cannot survive on Cookout trays alone. I promise to stand by you during the most difficult times in life. Like when you can’t decide which pocket square to wear. I promise to be faithful and loyal. I promise to always be honest and sincere with my actions and my words. I promise to support your dreams as if they were my own. I promise to walk beside you offering courage and strength through all your endeavors. I vow to never give up on us. I vow to avoid complacency and to remain flexible to the ebbs and flows of life and to always be the partner you need. Did you get all that?

And the rest is history! 

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