#46 - Our Unity Tree

If I think too much about our wedding day, I'll likely start crying.
If I don't think about it enough, I'll start to come down from this high.
That's where I am right now, emotionally.
We're supposed to be working on our concluding posts,
but how do you recap something that's beyond words, man?

Kellie and I have been married 1 week already,
and the question that everyone keeps asking is,
"Does it feel any different?"
Well, for starters,
I wake up every morning excited about watering plants;
I can hardly sleep at night thinking about our DIY projects
(especially now that I've finished summer school);
I ogle over my gold wedding band like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings
(after never having previously worn rings thinking that they looked goofy);
we opened a joint bank account,
and now say things like, "Lemme check with my wife/husband first"
(out of necessity and as an automatic excuse to get out of things).
More often than not, I'm left wondering who have I become in such a short period of time?!

When Trey and I originally started working on our wedding ceremony,
 we looked at tons of blogs and articles
 to try to figure out ways to make our ceremony special and significant to us.
One important aspect of a ceremony is a unity representation.
Traditionally, couples light a unity candle. 
More recently, couples have opted for a unity sand ceremony.
Neither of these particularly spoke to Trey and I.
I especially didn't want a big wax candle 
or large vase full of sand sitting around the house collecting dust.
So after much research we decided to go with a unity tree.

We found a tree called the American Birch,
which symbolizes tolerance, patience and lightness of spirt and words.
We took soil from both of our parents homes and 1 week after our ceremony,
my mom came over to our house and taught us how to plant the tree,
alongside some rose bushes!
So, in terms of how things feel,
I would say great!

14 more days until our honeymoon! 

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