#48 - Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

July 19, 2014  :-)
We've been married a little over 2 weeks now. So we figured enough time has passed for us to reflect back on the wedding and throw together a list of things we liked and, not to be to be overly critical, things we probably could've done differently.

Before we jump into it, we gotta say that our wedding was storybook from beginning to end.  Now,  I don't know if that's proof that our stressing paid off, or evidence that we let ourselves get all worked up for nothin'. Whichever one it is, the clichéd take-away is that everything worked itself out in the end, far exceeding our expectations! 

Looking back, we coulda, woulda, shoulda:
  • came up with a wedding theme right off the rip. The day after we got engaged, we sat in a hotel room in NYC drafting our guest list, thinking that we were sooooo ahead of the game. Well, I (Trey) didn't finalize my half of the guest list until a week before the wedding so that was ultimately pointless. Instead, we should have worked on our theme. A ton of elements--flowers, stationary, colors, food, venue, attire, etc.--hinged on our theme.  We spent the first few months vetoing what we didn't want, while a theme would have helped us clearly express what we did want. You live and you learn. 
  • considered getting a wedding planner.  We would have benefited from a middle(wo)man who could share for our preferences without the concern of coming off the wrong way. As well as someone to take a little of the legwork off of us. We did work with a day-of wedding coordinator though, which was a godsend. 
  • made our invitations clearer. We received maaany a RSVP with additional people written in. Putting the exact "# of seats reserved" for our guests would have cleared up a lot of the confusion.  (Just a word of advice, get your invitations out ASAP.  Finalizing the number of guests for the caterer was the last major hurdle for us to clear in the planning process RIGHT when we thought we were smooth sailing.)
  • had our ceremony in a different type of venue.  In a previous post we talked about the endless number of roadblocks we encountered while searching for a ceremony venue--many of them churches.  We were bound by the rules and regulations of the church where we ended up having our ceremony and, at times, it was difficult to maneuver around that. A more flexible space would have saved us some trouble.
  • Update: I (Trey) stayed up late the night before the wedding and wrote the most heartfelt toast and never got to give it at the reception! Maybe, I'll give it at our 25th anniversary party, or something. 
5 things we would not change about the wedding day and planning experience:
  1. Waiting a year! 365 days turned out to be the perfect amount of time to get everything done. Finding a good timeline was essential! We saved ourselves a lot of stress by simply sticking to the ultimate wedding checklist on The Knot.  Major items were knocked out early on, so it was merely a matter of fine tuning in the months that followed. 
  2. Our Best Man and Maid of Honor! We could not have picked two more selfless individuals. There is no way we would have survived the planning process, or the day of, without them.
  3. Our reception venue! The Proximity Hotel was, hands down, one of the best choices we could have made. After booking this venue, EVERYTHING started to fall into place.  They were SO accommodating and worked with us every step of the way to ensure that our day was what we wanted. 
  4. Our guests! It was incredible and humbling to be surrounded by so many loved ones that were genuinely happy to share in our day--although there were many more people we wanted to invite and others that unfortunately couldn't make the trip. We were so thankful to share our unforgettable day with equally unforgettable people.
  5. This blog. It has been such a great release, and the perfect way to share our journey with loved ones near and far. And even make some new friends along the way!
We've absolutely had a blast sharing our wedding journey with you all over the past 50-or-so weeks but as they saying goes, all good things must come to an end! This officially concludes the wedding chapter of our story; however, we've decided to keep the conversation going about the things we experience as newlyweds (à la the new series over at Southern Weddings). Oh, and of course we'll post our wedding pics/video whenever they come!

Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes. We loved sharing this moment in our lives with those around us. To have people say the following things made this ALL worth it:

"I just got married..and saw..very few wedding blogs from folks who looked like me"; 
"the feelings I feel from [my recent marriage] continue to carry on as I see y'all!"; 
and "I love you alls love; it's inspirational!" 

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