#49 - Honeymoon at The Inn at Palmetto Bluff

Kellie has a knack for finding good deals on nice places to stay. 
She's jokingly referred to as the "The Family Travel Agent,"
a title that she proudly embraces so long as you're not trying to put her to work.

After tossing 'round some ideas together, 
she was brave enough to let me plan our honeymoon while keeping her completely in the dark. 
(Though not without some reservations: 
"I'm scared you're gonna have us running a 5K or something." )

If you're familiar with our bucketlist, we (me especially) are obsessed with Santorini, Greece. 
But that was a bit out of my grad student budget. 
So, I settled on something domestic, 
affectionately referring to our trip as a Honeymoon-ette
(and pocketing the Greece trip 'til after I graduate).

When I found this place called The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, I knew I had hit the jackpot.
After stalking the resorts' sitereviews on TripAdvisor, and travel sites,
I booked the trip and managed to keep everything a secret for the entire year that we were engaged!
(I'm super proud of this because I CANNOT hold water.)

The 4 mile entrance into the resort is lined with oaks with hanging spanish moss.
It felt like we were traveling back in time.

Some of the resident + vacation homes on the property. 
The streets are lit with standing gas lamps!

Getting taken to our cottage on the golf cart.

The Cottage :-) 

There were his 'n her bikes for us to scoot around the property with. 
There was also the option of renting golf carts which, if that's your cup o'tea. 

Huge TV, which we later found out was hooked up to a Sonos Sound System 
Speakers were everywhere, even in the bathroom!

 All the room service needs were controlled through an iPad. 

Reading nook.

The bathroom was arguably my favorite part of the cottage. That tub was amazing!! 
I took a pic in it, and Kellie said it looks like something out of a Trey Songz video, 
so I'll refrain from posting it. 

The shower was HUGE. It had 3 heads, one of which was waterfall, 
and it a doubled as a steam room!

Definitely plan on using this deck layout for our house now. 

There's 50 cottages. 
There's the option of getting a forest view, a Lagoon view, or one on the May River.
We stayed in a lagoon view cottage. 

 The first night we knocked an item off of our bucket list--a couples massage! 
(Sadly, forgetting to take a picture.)
Then, we explored the property a bit.

Catching a boat to Hilton Head Island.
Our captain???'s name was also Trey. He was super cool (of course; namesake), 
even stopped a few times so we could take videos of the bottle-nose dolphins!

100+ year old ship that they use for cruises.

 Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island.

While in Harbour Town, we marked another item off of our bucket list: parasailing!

 "Trey, I think we're landing a little too fast..." 
"Yeah we're definitely 'bout to wipe out; good thing I took my cell phone out my pocket."

Trying to dry off before grabbing lunch at the Crazy Crab. 

More exploring at Palmetto Bluff.


Really cool boat house.

Pizza at Buffalo's, one of the four restaurants on the resort. 

Amazing, y'all.

 They had s'mores every night at 6!

Trey took an early morning bike ride to check out the 3-story tree house.

And of course to get a couple shots up.

 Then we headed to the pool!

The pool area had a bar and grill, 
and they brought us bottled waters and samples of 'tings while we chilled!

Reading Gone Girl aloud by the pool, and everywhere else. Could not put this book down.
Now that we've finished it, we wish we never picked it up. 

Heading to Savannah 

Palmetto Bluff has a really cool Mercedes Lending program.
Visitors can take any car in their fleet out for the day/night, free of charge.
So, OF COURSE we took the convertible SL to Savannah for the evening! LOL
Puts the Acura Experience to shame.

This joint had massage seats?! I felt like James Bond.

AMAZING food and service! 
Cannot wait to go back!

River Street Sweets for pralines afterwards!

Best. pralines. ever. 

Chillin' by the riverside let tin' that food digest.
(And Kellie's ankle heal. Cobblestones and wedge heels is a recipe for disaster. *covers face*)

God only knows when, if ever, I'll drive a $100,000 car again soooo...
Kellie indulged me and we dropped the top and rode down River Street lookin' important.

The only bad part about our vacay is that it had to eventually come to and end. 
Pretty sure we'll be returning to Palmetto Bluff in the near future! 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have been looking at Palmetto Bluff for a secret anniversary trip (like your honeymoon trip), and you sold me on the place.