The Wedding Video of Trey and Kellie Washington

Today, we celebrate our one-year anniversary! Time FLIES, y'all! We blinked and now all of a sudden we're 1 year deep in the game. Thank you to @ThreeLanceMedia for capturing how love-filled and fun our wedding day was. Thanks again to everyone who shared in this special moment with us--we really appreciate. It was truly unforgettable! Hope you enjoy the video! We also took a moment to reflect on this past year below, since it's been a while since we posted!

If we had a penny for every time we fumbled through a response to, “So how does it feel to be married?” we could fill the Grand Canyon to the brim and Nae Nae from one side to the other.

“Good,” we usually respond, hoping that inquirer #587 doesn’t prod any further, or begin waxing poetic about “never going to sleep angry,” “keeping your husband well fed,” “man’s number one need is sex—keep him satiated,” and other random musings from Tyler Perry’s Book of Unsolicited Marriage Advice.

There’s an assumption that after you exchange I Dos, you emerge from the doors of the sanctuary a different you, a better you, sorta like what deep-frying does to most foods. That’s it, a deep-fried version of yourself. So when asked to deliver a State of Our Union Address, we’ve felt compelled to uphold the fairytale rather than reveal the less-than-exciting truth that people are messy; life is messy; and marriage, as we’ve learned in this past year, is also messy.

But there has been beauty in having someone who, even at your worst, looks at you and says, “I see who you are becoming, and I want to be apart of that.”

There has been intimacy in learning how to think in tandem instead of unilaterally.

There’s healing in standing in the gap, praying for, and supporting someone else while you’re dealing with your own bouts of anxiety, depression. These things don’t go away once you say I do.

There’s been growth in becoming emotionally mature enough to recognize what it is that you’re feeling, and communicating it in such a way that the message doesn’t get lost in the delivery.

There’s been humanity in pushing back against ideas about the inherent differences between men and women (simple vs. complex) and the gender roles that accompany those differences (breadwinner vs. homemaker), in order to create a safe, impenetrable space where we can simply exist in our own way.

I know this is not your typical newlywed update, but we think it’s useful to speak with transparency about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of marriage. It has been our experiences with fear, doubt, failure and ultimately redemption that have given us a firm ground on which to stand as we continue to learn how to navigate the ebs and flows of married life!


  1. Beautiful...Bless you both with many more years of happiness.... Suzanne

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